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Auto Glass Replacement | Glass Doctor of Brookhaven

Auto Glass Services

Trust Glass Doctor of Brookhaven to repair or replace your cracked windshield or other auto glass like door windows and side mirrors.

Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Brookhaven MS


For expert auto glass repair and replacement in Brookhaven MS trust our professionals.


At Glass Doctor of Brookhaven, we offera exceptional windshield replacement and auto glass repair and replacement services in Brookhaven.


We install and repair all facets of auto glass — windshields, side window, rear-view mirrors — quickly, professionally and at a very reasonable rate. We're also the area's leader in remediating cracks, scratches, divots and other damage done to auto side-door window glass. Vehicles we work on include:



  • Honda Accords
  • Toyota Trucks Sedans
  • Ford F250, F-350
  • Dodge Ram
  • Tractors
  • Construction equip.
  • Buses / Buslines
  • RVs
  • SUVs
  • Luxury Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Honda Civic
  • Volkswagon Jetta
  • Mazda
  • Acura RL CL
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    We only use high-quality, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield materials, adhesives and urethanes for your safety and security. Each one of our technicians is highly trained and certified by the Auto


    Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS).


    Glass Doctor of Brookhaven's mobile glass repair service vans covers a 10- to 30-mile radius for auto glass repair to customers in  Jackson MS, Hazlehurst, McComb, Monticello, Wessen, MS . Our highly skilled technicians are trained in auto glass safety and quality control, and will ensure your windshield or side-door glass is fixed properly. Our auto glass repair and replacement work follows the strictest national guidelines for safety and security. Most repairs are covered by auto insurance.


    Once on-site, the glass repair technician will evaluate the damage. If the windshield is cracked or chipped, the glass will be repaired before a larger crack develops. Smaller repairs take around 1 hour and can be completed while you wait. More significant damage, however — such as broken or severely scratched windshields and auto glass — will be replaced immediately to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants. Our mobile glass repair van is stocked with all the tools and supplies needed for on-site auto glass replacement and repair work.


    See more on our Brookhaven Auto Windshield Glass Repair and Replacement Services:


    Glass Doctor of Brookhaven uses Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) quality windshield glass and backs our work. We also support the only standards for windshield replacement in the nation: the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). When the replacement is complete, be sure to ask about new windshield wipers and glass protectants to keep your new auto glass clear and streak-free.


    The Glass Doctor® G12 Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Brookhaven MS Windshield Breakage Guarantee


    Glass Doctor® guarantees that if your windshield is damaged or broken within (12) months of the replacement date, Glass Doctor will repair or replace the windshield glass only. This guarantee is a ONE TIME only offer and does not include; labor, kit, molding or clips.


    It is Glass Doctor’s commitment to their customers and the NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association) to make a concerted effort to repair the windshield first. The repair process will save you time, save your windshield and help save the environment. If the damage to your windshield glass is smaller than a dollar bill, Glass Doctor will be able to restore your windshield’s structural integrity with visual clarity. The repair process will NOT cancel the remaining term of your guarantee.


    Windshield Replacement | Glass Doctor of BrookhavenWindshield Replacement

    High Quality Auto Glass

    Guaranteed for 12 Months | Glass Doctor of Brookhaven Glass Doctor uses the same quality auto glass the auto makers use when they originally built your vehicle. Don't settle for less. Ask for OEM glass.

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    Here to help | Glass Doctor of Brookhaven Have a Question? We're here to help. Maybe you're not sure if the moisture in your home windows can be fixed, or if the chip in your windshield can be repaired. Call now!