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If you can see condensation in your windows,
it may be time to see a specialist.

Glass Doctor of Columbus can diagnose whether a fogged IGU window can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Foggy condensation in IGU windows can be repaired or replaced by Glass DoctorYour home's Insulated Glass Units are windows made from two or more pieces of flat pane glass separated by a sealed air space. If your home already has double-pane windows, but there is condensation or a “milky” appearance between the panes of glass, Glass Doctor of Columbus needs to diagnose whether or not we can repair the foggy windows or recommend replacing the windows. Glass Doctor of Columbus can upgrade your existing IGU windows with new energy-efficient glass replacements. 

Foggy windows cause your home to lose energy efficiency. If you have an older home subject to frequent temperature changes IG units can help balance the indoor climate. In the winter IG units reduce cold transmittance at windows and help maintain a consistent temperature in the home. In the summer IG units reduce heat gain from outside. As a result your home’s air conditioning and heating system should run less, saving energy and money. In general IG units may cost three times more than single pane glass windows. But that cost can be recovered in a few short years through lower energy bills.

There are two other advantages to IG units in addition to the energy savings. IG units reduce the tendency of condensation to form on the room side of the glass. IG units can help reduce the level of noise from the outside.

Your Glass Doctor of Columbus shop can help you select the best IG units for your home’s climate, from a wide variety of manufacturers. Request service or call 614-367-9830 for an appointment today in Reynoldsburg, Columbus, New Albany, Westerville, Dublin.


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Home Window Glass Repair Condensation Foggy IGU | Glass Doctor of Columbus Can insulated glass units be repaired or do they need to be replaced? The experts at Glass Doctor can diagnose your foggy home windows and insulated glass units.

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