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Repairing or replacing your entry door, patio door or French door glass is a fast and inexpensive way to increase your homes value.

Many homeowners think that to quickly improve their homes’ resale value they should renovate the kitchen or the bathroom. But creating an inviting, functional entryway is a faster, less expensive way to add spice to your home.

A leading door window manufacturer estimates that more than 60 million door windows need to be replaced. Past manufacturers used Styrene material for door window frames, which yellows and becomes brittle over time. Glass Doctor® can restore broken door glass, replace door glass with upgraded doorlites and renovate entryways by cutting a new window into an existing door. Plus matching side windows can be installed on either side of front entry doors.

Entry Door Patio DoorsDoorlites are glass door inserts with small frames. In newer homes, at least one entryway probably has a door with a half- or full-window doorlite, a window with a plastic frame screwed into the door. If your entry doors already have doorlites, they can be easily upgraded, and if your entry doors do not have doorlites, openings can be cut into steel or fiberglass doors to install doorlites.

Some of the popular door glass inserts include:

  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Decorative glass with matching side window panes
  • All-weather glass that meets or exceed regulations
  • Energy-efficient glass.

When you contact your local Glass Doctor shop to request a quote about a doorlite have the following information ready:

  • Door Type – Is there an exisiting door window or will an opening need to be cut? Is the door steel, fiberglass or wood? Door window inserts cannot be cut into wood doors.
  • Glass Application – Is the insert framed or flush glazed? Meaning, is there a window frame or is the glass edge even with the door? Doorlite frames do not work with flush glazed doors, most of which are fiberglass.
  • Size and Shape - Measure the outside of the frame to determine the approximate glass size. Doorlite glass sizes are approximately 2 inches less than outside frame.
  • Door Location – Is the door a front entry, side entry, double entry, hinged patio, or sliding patio?
  • Glass Type – Clear or tinted? Low-E? Grids inside, outside or between the glass? Blinds inside the glass? Decorative etched glass?

Through its partnership with Western Reflections, Glass Doctor can receive in-stock doorlite products the next business day. Western Reflections offers the most comprehensive product line in the industry, and its doorlites come with a 20-year prorated warranty and non-yellowing high-performance frames.


All doors require tempered or laminated safety glass. Many doors today are furnished with insulated glass to increase the energy efficiency of the product. We can match almost any Insulated safety glazing product.

We supply all types of decorative glass door products including tinted glass, fitted glass, custom sandblasted logos, pictures and details.

  • Frameless Tempered Glass Entry Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Cabinet Doors




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