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Home Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Pensacola is your best source for custom and standard sized shower doors and tub enclosures.

Shower Door & Tub Enclosures Gallery

Shower Glass Enclosure

Transform your home's bathroom today with a shower door or tub enclosure. We'll help you with design and installation with our quality products from leading manufactures such as Alumax, Cardinal, and CRL. With Glass Doctor, your home improvement project will fit your budget and remodeling goals. Go through our online gallery to get design ideas and feel free to contact us.


  • Configuration – Where is the shower or tub located in the bathroom? Are the walls made of sheetrock or tile? Where are the supporting studs? The answers to these questions help determine the maximum weight of the glass that the walls can support.
  • Shower Head – This sounds simple, but it can make a difference when you’re planning your shower enclosure. Be sure the shower head will not spray water out the door when it is opened with the water turned on. Water should stay inside the enclosure.
  • Measurements – What may look like a rectangular opening may not be exactly rectangular once it is measured. Enclosures that are not plumb, level, or standard lengths may cost more in materials and installation. Contact your local Glass Doctor shop and schedule an appointment for an expert measurement so that you get the most value.
  • Ventilation – If the glass shower enclosure is too high and the ceiling is too low, the shower enclosure will not get enough ventilation. Without ventilation, moisture will build up, paint can peel and mold may grow, especially in a sheetrock ceiling. If you are interested in a steam room, special kits and ventilation panels are available. Your Glass Doctor shop can order and install glass steam room kits for you.


A beautiful shower enclosure is the centerpiece of any bathroom. It anchors the room, directs the light, catches the eye, and significantly increases the resale value of your home. Glass Doctor of Pensacola can help you determine which glass shower or tub enclosure would be best for your bathroom, both in structure and style. Use our tub enclosure and shower door gallery to get some ideas, then call your Glass Doctor to design your custom order.

Our team of glass repair and replacement professionals offer services beyond shower door and tub enclosure installation. Your Pensacola glass professionals also provides all types of home glass installation, repair and replacement, and for your vehicle we offer windshield replacement, auto glass repair, and more. Feel free to call whenever you need reliable glass services. We also proudly serve Crestview, Milton and Defuniak Springs, Florida.


Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure | Glass Doctor of PensacolaShower Door Gallery

Ideas for Your Own Oasis

Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Photo Gallery | Glass Doctor of Pensacola Search our photo gallery for just the right glass shower door or enclosure, whether it's for a tub or a stall - framed or unframed - clear or decorative. Then call your local Glass Doctor for a design consultation and estimate.

more help | Glass Doctor of Pensacola Tub & Shower Idea Center

Revision Glass in Your Bath

Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Idea Center | Glass Doctor of Pensacola Check out our interactive glass tub and shower enclosure center! You can choose what various decorative glass and frame hardware options will look like. You can even change the bathroom wall decor colors.

more help | Glass Doctor of Pensacola Accessories Gallery

Add Beautiful Finishing Touches

Gold Shower Door HingeFind just the right hinges, handles, and headers to match your bathroom decor. Plus a wide selection of glass styles: artistic designs, obscure, or clear. Find just the right combination in our Accessories Gallery!

more help | Glass Doctor of Pensacola Clear Choice™

Protect Shower Glass From Water Stains

Clear Choice shower door glass protectant Ask your Glass Doctor technician to apply Clear Choice to prevent hard water stains and mineral deposits. Water beads up and runs right off, reducing soap scum and cleaning too. One application lasts the whole year!