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Auto Glass Replacement | Glass Doctor of Tulare County

Auto Glass Services

Glass Doctor of Tulare County can replace auto glass and windshields with quality original equivalent glass.

Windshield Replacement

Call Glass Doctor for top quality OEM windshields expertly installed in Porterville, CASearching for the best windshield replacement services in Porterville, CA? Glass Doctor can replace your windshield and restore the structural integrity of your vehicle, protecting the occupants inside.
  • NO COST to you under most insurance policies.
  • Call us.  We'll handle the entire claim process with your insurer.
  • FREE mobile service to your home or work.
  • Home of the ONLY breakage guaranty on your replacement windshield.
  • Lifetime warranty on all materials & workmanship.
  • National coverage on all waranties.
  • Compliance with the highest nationally recognized installation standards.

* STEP 1 – Assessing the Damage - If the windshield has a chip it can probably be repaired using a special resin and polishing technique. If the windshield has a crack larger than the size of a dollar bill, Glass Doctor of Tulare County can replace the windshield with OEM quality glass with adhesives recommended by the manufacturer. Count on Glass Doctor of Tulare County for an expert diagnosis.

STEP 2 – Removing the Windshield - Extracting the damaged windshield seems easy, but care must be taken not to damage the pinchweld. This is the ridge around the car’s frame that holds the windshield in place. If the pinchweld is damaged the new adhesive may not seal correctly, resulting in leaks and rust corrosion on the vehicle’s frame. Glass Doctor uses the correct extraction equipment to ensure proper removal.

STEP 3 – Selecting the Correct Windshield - We know you want the job done right the first time. Glass Doctor of Tulare County offers OEM quality windshield glass because it fits correctly and restores the vehicle to its original condition. Most aftermarket windshield glass is made from a copy of a mold of an OEM windshield, NOT from the windshield’s original mold in the factory. So aftermarket windshields may not be the exact dimensions or the glass may be thinner. This can result in leaks, road noise, and possible failure of the glass in an accident. OEM quality windshield glass fits right.

STEP 4 – Applying New Adhesive - An OEM quality windshield deserves OEM quality adhesive. Glass Doctor uses quality adhesives by Dow and Sika, the same ones vehicle manufacturers use. The proper adhesive is applied to the vehicle’s pinchweld and the edges of the windshield.

STEP 5 – Installing the New Windshield - Glass Doctor of Tulare County follows installation procedures by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council. The most important factor in a proper windshield installation is following the recommended drive-away time. The adhesive must be allowed to set, or “cure,” for a specific time before the vehicle may be safety driven. Otherwise, the windshield may move in the pinchweld and will not properly seal to the frame. If the vehicle is in a wreck the windshield could pop out, exposing the occupants to greater risk of injury. For your safety, please follow the drive-away time instructions.

STEP 6 – Reviewing the G12 Windshield Replacement Guarantee - With G12, if an OEM-quality replacement windshield that a Glass Doctor has installed is damaged or broken within 12 months of the replacement date, Glass Doctor of Tulare County will repair or replace the windshield glass only at no additional charge to the customer. This guarantee is redeemable one time and does not include: labor, kit, moldings or clips. Coverage is limited to normal road hazards, and other exclusions may apply. Talk with our customer service representative or technician about G12, because we believe our product is how the customer feels when we are done.

To schedule your appointment with one of our professionally trained Auto Glass Specialists, please call our offices at (559) 732-1300.


Windshield Replacement | Glass Doctor of Tulare CountyWindshield Replacement

High Quality Auto Glass

Guaranteed for 12 Months | Glass Doctor of Tulare County Glass Doctor uses the same quality auto glass the auto makers use when they originally built your vehicle. Don't settle for less. Ask for OEM glass.

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