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Home Glass Repair | Glass Doctor of Tacoma

Home Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Tacoma can repair or install replacement windows, shower doors, entry door glass, mirrors and even custom glass tabletops.

Tacoma Home Glass Window Repair

Home Glass Window Replacement in TacomaAs a glass repair Tacoma specialist with a staff that is trained to deliver results, we can repair or replace any of your home glass. And as a glass replacement Tacoma business, our staff is dedicated to renovating or protecting your home’s most valuable assets. Just call on your Tacoma window and glass specialist today.


Repairing Window Glass

Our team has the capacity to repair any chipped or cracked glass surface in a home, avoiding the need to replace a glass piece entirely. Simply contact someone from our team to dispatch a mobile unit to your house for a full evaluation. We will either repair the pane on site or have it replaced for you.

We are a Tacoma windows specialist with a team that is able to help protect windows, glass and mirrors using high quality film and protectant solutions. These can help extend your windows’ shelf life and can greatly enhance how long you get to live with your table top glass. They work for all parts of the home too, from tub enclosures to shower doors to outdoor windows. Rely on our team of Tacoma mirror and window specialists to help. 


Upgrading Windows

Aesthetics are not the only reason to upgrade to newer windows. Most of today’s windows have additional features that keep cold air out during winter and warm air out during summer better than ever before. By improving your home’s overall look and its energy efficiency, you can have a glass product that will last a lifetime. Just explore the many options we have available for you at Glass Doctor of Tacoma:

  • Glass windows that require little maintenance
  • Glass windows that are insulated
  • Double-paned windows and triple-paned windows in traditional and energy-efficient models
  • Glass that is decorative (such as for cabinets)
  • French doors
  • Skylights
  • Patio doors with sliding glass
  • Frameless doors for the shower and tub
  • Storm windows
  • Glass and windows that are reflective, like those for a bathroom or kitchen
  • Entertainment centers
  • Glass that appears in entry doors, including glass that is decorative or for safety purposes
  • Custom-cut glass solutions, from laminated varieties to tinted options to frosted glass
  • Glass table tops, both for indoor and outdoor applications


Serving Clients First

Our customized services are necessary because we realize that each homeowner has his or her own idea of what is needed for a home. You get personalized attention from us at Glass Doctor of Tacoma, and you also get a full pricing list before the work ever gets started. And once work starts, you can trust that our team will set everything up and take it all back down once the work is completed.

When choosing a glass company Tacoma specialist, the choice is clear. Call our team at (866) 640-7373 or fill out our service request form today to see how we can supply all of your window and glass repair and replacement needs.


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Home Window Glass Repair Condensation Foggy IGU | Glass Doctor of Tacoma Have the experts at Glass Doctor diagnose your foggy home windows or insulated glass units. We repair all kinds of home window panes from cracks to leaks. Just give us a call!

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Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Photo Gallery | Glass Doctor of Tacoma Search our photo gallery for just the right glass shower door or tub enclosure. We offer styles for all types and sizes, no matter if it is for a tub or stall, framed or unframed, clear or decorative. Call on your local Glass Doctor for a design consultation and estimate.

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Entry Door Glass Idea Center | Glass Doctor of Tacoma Glass Doctor can turn a plain metal or fiberglass door into a work of art that is a functional unit. Besides decorative glass for front entryways, we also offer patio door glass with blinds, sliding windows and even storm-resistant glass. Visit our Door Idea Center to view the many options we offer. You can also ask your Glass Doctor if your door can be cut for a glass insert.

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Here to help | Glass Doctor of Tacoma Have a Question? We're here to help. Maybe you're not sure if the moisture in your windows can be fixed, or if the chip in your windshield can be repaired. Ask the experts at Glass Doctor.