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Glass Doctor of Tulsa is your best source for custom and standard sized shower doors and tub enclosures.

Shower Door & Tub Enclosures Gallery

Shower Glass EnclosureGlass Doctor of Tulsa is your premier provider of custom and standard suzed tub enclosures and shower doors.

Tub Enclosure and Shower Door Gallery


Refresh the look of your bathroom with a beautiful shower door or tub enclosure. Browse our catalog to see some of the products we have available through our national suppliers.


At Glass Doctor of Tulsa, we have many different types of shower doors and tub enclosures to suit your space. There are affordable and high-end options available from providers like Cardinal, CRL, and Alumax, so whatever your shower door or tub enclosure needs might be, they can be covered by our team of technicians. We assist you through all steps of the process, from idea creation, to design, to installation (which typically takes just one day). So count on us to help you every step of the way.


  • Configuring the Space: Answering questions about the location of the tub or shower, the materials used to create the walls, and the location of the supporting studs is important to determine which options are feasible.
  • Detailing the Shower Head: When determining where a shower enclosure will be placed, it helps to know where the shower head will be located. It must not spray outside of the enclosure with the water turned on and the door open.
  • Measuring the Space: The exact dimensions will be taken by a certified technician to ensure the enclosure or door will fit within the space provided.
  • Ensuring Proper Ventilation: A well-ventilated bathroom keeps mold and mildew out. A bathroom without proper ventilation, often caused by a door that does not allow for enough space for the shower’s vapors to penetrate, can cause such problems. A trained technician will help ensure proper ventilation and can recommend ventilation panels and kits for rooms that require it.


A nice tub enclosure or shower door truly can tie a bathroom space together, transforming it from something drab into something fantastic. Not only does it look good, but it also enhances the value of your home. Contact the staff at Glass Doctor of Tulsa today to schedule an at-home consultation and see how quickly and how beautifully your space can be transformed.


Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure | Glass Doctor of TulsaShower Door Gallery

Ideas for Your Own Oasis

Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Photo Gallery | Glass Doctor of Tulsa Search our photo gallery for just the right glass shower door or enclosure, whether it's for a tub or a stall - framed or unframed - clear or decorative. Then call your local Glass Doctor for a design consultation and estimate.

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Revision Glass in Your Bath

Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Idea Center | Glass Doctor of Tulsa Check out our interactive glass tub and shower enclosure center! You can choose what various decorative glass and frame hardware options will look like. You can even change the bathroom wall decor colors.

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Add Beautiful Finishing Touches

Gold Shower Door HingeFind just the right hinges, handles, and headers to match your bathroom decor. Plus a wide selection of glass styles: artistic designs, obscure, or clear. Find just the right combination in our Accessories Gallery!

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Protect Shower Glass From Water Stains

Clear Choice shower door glass protectant Ask your Glass Doctor technician to apply Clear Choice to prevent hard water stains and mineral deposits. Water beads up and runs right off, reducing soap scum and cleaning too. One application lasts the whole year!