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Auto Glass Replacement | Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach

Auto Glass Services

Trust Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach to repair or replace your cracked windshield or other auto glass like door windows and side mirrors.

Auto Glass & Windshield Repair


Automobile Glass Replacement and Repair Virginia Beach 


We are professionals in Virginia Beach auto glass replacement and repairs 


Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach can repair or replace your auto glass in Virginia Beach, and additionally repairs most scratches and chips in windshield glass. When windshields are cracked, they should be replaced in order to restore the structural integrity of your vehicle and to protect any occupants.

If you reside in Virginia Beach and could use auto glass repair or replacement, we would love to help. Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach will fix your panes. We are glass professionals specializing in chipped glass repair and damaged auto glass replacement. Even more, our friendly staff is happy to work with your insurance and also offer excellent guarantees on work performed and products. Regarding products... we utilize the highest quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass to maximize quality. Our special care assures your safety and you receiving the greatest value for your money.

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach only uses OEM, or original equipment manufactured, quality windshield glass. We back all of our Virginia Beach automobile glass replacement and repair work. Additionally, the Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach supports the leading standard for windshield placement - the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards. We replace windshields, mirrors and side window glass in automobiles, vans, RVs, SUVs, buses and tractors. Whenever your automotive glass replacement or repair in Virginia Beach is completed, ask about our new glass protection and wiper blades in order to keep your glass clear.

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach G 12 Auto Glass Windshield Breakage Guarantee

Glass Doctor guarantees if your windshield becomes broken or damaged within twelve months of its replacement date, we will replace or repair the windshield glass. This is a one-time guaranteed offer and excludes any labor, kits, clips and moldings.

It is our commitment to customers and the National Windshield Repair Association to make a full effort to repair your windshield first. The repair process can save you substantial time, save the windshield, along with preserving the environment. When the damage to your windshield glass is less than the size of a dollar bill, the Glass Doctor can restore the windshield's structural integrity and visual clarity. The repair process does not cancel any remaining term of the guarantee.

On top of being able to fix your more common auto glass needs, we are qualified and equipped to do so much more. At your local Virginia Beach Glass Doctor we know that not all vehicles are cars. You may also have special vehicle glass requests like panel trucks, busses, recreational vehicles and even construction equipment.

Here at your neighbourhood Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach, we will do whatever we are able to help you with ALL of your auto glass needs. Please call or stop by today.


Windshield Replacement | Glass Doctor of Virginia BeachWindshield Replacement

High Quality Auto Glass

Guaranteed for 12 Months | Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach Glass Doctor uses the same quality auto glass the auto makers use when they originally built your vehicle. Don't settle for less. Ask for OEM glass.

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Here to help | Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach Have a Question? We're here to help. Maybe you're not sure if the moisture in your home windows can be fixed, or if the chip in your windshield can be repaired. Call now!