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Home Glass Repair

You can rely on the expert service technicians at Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County to repair or replace your windows and doors to the highest quality standards.

West Palm Beach Window Repair and Installation


When it comes to window replacement, window repair, and energy-efficient windows in West Palm Beach, Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County is your number one source for all of you window needs. We'll help to lower the energy bills for your office or home and increase the value of your property through our Insulated Glass Units or IG units. These units are made from at least two or more pieces of flat glass that are separated by an air space.

There are many benefits and advantages when it comes to replacing your windows with IG units. Some of the advantages of IG units include:

  • Decreased energy costs; because IG units will help to keep a consistent temperature indoors, you won't have to use your heat during the winter nearly as much or your air conditioning as much during the summer.
  • Almost all IG units will qualify for federal income tax credits.
  • The value of your home will increase thanks to energy-efficient IG units.
  • IG units will make your house more soundproof by decreasing the level of noise that comes into the house from the outside.
  • IG units will help to reduce the condensation that forms on the inner room side of the glass.

For energy-efficient windows don't forget about Low E glass, or Low-Emissivity Glass. This is a form of reflective glass that has been gaining popularity in the last few years thanks to its ability to resist ultraviolet light. Resiting ultraviolet light will help to decrease glare which in the end will protect furnishings from sunlight exposure. It also helps to reduce costs of cooling.

We are West Palm Beach's number one source for energy-efficient windows and glass. Let us help you increase the energy-efficiency of your home today by calling Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County at 561-863-5363.


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Door Glass Gallery

Entry Door Gallery | Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County First impressions count - that includes your home's front entryway. You can impress the neighbors and increase your home's value simply by adding a beautiful glass insert to your existing entry door. Explore your options in the Glass Doctor Entry Door Glass Gallery, from decorative glass to ironwork. Contact your Glass Doctor for a quick estimate.

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Door Glass Idea Center

Entry Door Glass Idea Center | Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County Glass Doctor can turn a plain metal or fiberglass door into a work of art or a functional unit. Besides decorative glass for front entryways, we offer back patio door glass with blinds, sliding windows and even storm resistant glass. Vist the Door Idea Center to choose from different options and see what they look like in a sample door. Ask your Glass Doctor if your door can be cut for a glass insert.